Advice To self…..Known Your Worth

It day 6 of alex beadon feel good blogging challenge A vulnerable post bitter sweet the end is close but this been therapy for me to be able to open up and leave my feelings on paper not in my head help.

This is something i struggle with and still do. we all as women give and give so much of our selves that in the end we are left without.At time emotionally drain and feeling of guilty. the takers in our lives often take but never replenish us with the love and care we need. it like a cycle we trap in asking our self why but at the drop of a have will risk life and limb of them. Putting your self first is hard , loving your self is hard. I want you to take my hand and i take yours. Lets help each find our self worth and love our self.ready for the ultimate challenge to self happiness its gonna be hard but united we stand divided we fall.

what am i worth? Do you Know your worth?

I am worth all the happiness and blessings the world has to offer. Until i can live and breath this. These are some quotes to help us along.

These are some apps suggestions to help us in the process.

Meditation Helper

505 Motivational Quotes

Goal Tracker

Build Confidence

Found on

Social Media Callaloo love you.XOXO


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