Behind My veil “10 things most people don’t know about me.”‪

“10 things most people don’t know about me.” lets get personal 

  • I am very creative i can come up with just about any idea once ask to.

  • I have a very short attention span.I get bored very easy. This was me in school 

  • I wanna to get married. Got my song pick out rascal flatts bless the broken road

  • I wanna be loved and appreciated

  • I am suffering from depression and fear of not living.

  • I don’t trust anyone nor do i have anyone physically around me i trust but hurt by just about everyone i love and my all in some way or the other.

  • I start  think i am a failure 

  • I love helping others

  • I miss cooking an creating recipes 

  • I have a fear of flying but one day will like to travel the world on a culinary adventure.


This this is me  Michelle Batson a girl from Tobago who been trough it all hope this helps someone  as well as someone can be of help to me

These are just few of my chapters i decide to publish.

Social Media Callaloo saying i love you till my next post.


Be A Better Blogger Tips from the Pros

It’s day 3 of the Feel Good Blogging Challenge by Alex Beadon Do A Tutorial Post

The struggle is so real but then it hit me.

what is my blog about?  To find the best help on the web for

These are some great  blogging tutorials any beginning will love so enjoy these great finds and don’t forget to say social Media Callaloo send you.

how to set up my blog social Media Callaloo?

This tutorial is by Anne Witton on how to setup your WordPress enjoy.

how to install social media icons on wordpress social Media Callaloo  ?

This tutorial is by Emily M how to install social media icons on wordpress.

how to do Stunning Titled Photos social Media Callaloo?

This tutorial is by Anyonita Green. DIY Stunning Titled Photos 

she is the biz for great advice on blogging.this tutorial hands down  is my favorite of hers.

DIY Stunning Titled Photos Walkthrough Tutorial from

I follow the tutorial to and did this 

For more of her amazing tutorials from Anyonita Green. click the link.

How to get blog/website traffic  social Media Callaloo?

How to get website traffic by marie forleo.

She is one of my favorite content creators you will enjoy this video .–Ivg


I must say day 3 of the Feel Good Blogging Challenge was challenging.

a little mini tutorial for you wanna be bloggers

  • like my blog  for great Web content  no just find good help…. if it’s me yaaaaa
  • join a blogging challenge or community because on the day you think you can post and feel uninspired you have a community of bloggers that will motivate you to keep at it.

So thanks Feel Good Blogging Challenge community for motivating me to keep at this post the love is real.

Thanks for reading  Social Media Callaloo love ya

My passion for starting this blog

 for doing Social Media Callaloo is my dislike for reading long boring blogs and watching boring video on YouTube and searching google pointlessly.
.There are information out there and my service to you and my self is to find those hidden gems on the web that will not only help you but help me as i established my businesses.
You are getting a front row seat to success all the tools u need to be a millionaire. in what ever field you choose.


Alex Beadon

This great content creator is the one responsible for this blog post with her 7 day Feel Good Blogging Challenge.she was born in yaaaaaa excite.
she brought a community of us ,all too scared ,all procrastinators

With a easy right but effective . The result was  like a child on a bicycle when u finally let go and they look back at how far u are.They are amazed at how far they got all by them self. #tweetable

Thanks Alex Beadon when you let go like birds we all will soar higher than we thought we could.
My  to help people #socialmediacallaloo, food blog , and have an Agro processing company.

Put the on your dreams. Comment down below……..

Welcome To Social Media Callaloo

Who are you?

I am Michelle Batson chef yasss boo i am a foodie and mom of 2 they are my heart. I call the beautiful Tobago home .trinibago to d bone .Love trinidad and tobago.

Why did you start blogging?

i start as part of #feelgoodblogging challenge

Who is your blog for?

the people who tired of searching the web and not finding great info and the not so tech savvy

What’s something you’ve been working on lately that you’re REALLY proud of?

doing 1 thing a day that will benefit my brand Michelle’s Gourmet Delights 

What’s the ONE MESSAGE that you hope people take away from your blog

It does not matter where you are what you have you can do it.i just take one person ,one blog post or one vid on the web to give you hope. blessing come in the lest likely places #thischallenge

Items available.