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Hi guys i miss you guys sorry for not post. New day new post and it so happen this post just landed in my lap can you say faith yesssss. 

My advice to you guys and myself is on Giving Up 

so i got an email from a guy name Aldo about a great post from about how to achieve engagement on social media aaaaaaaaaaaa great topic and great find. This will be a great read for you as well as me as we all grow on social media together so thanks Aldo for reaching out happy you did.Enjoy the  info graphic and go read the full article at


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The Secrets To Getting Popular on Social Media ?

How To Get Followers And Likes

we all want to get

 followers or have ,Do sponsered meet and greet with fan and have big companies sending you free products to review for them.who wouldn’t ?

who would want to be the next Michelle Phan

or Bethany Mota

or  some big time blogger. And the ans  is   

we all want that  type of success and hell you can get it.  You just have to START.

Look back at any successful person in social media look at first blog post,  YouTube video and  Facebook page post that should open your eyes . You get better with time 

Rules to live by start even if it takes you 2 weeks again to post start but do stop you wouldnt be the  greatest , so were all the success people u admire the more you do the better you get the more people see you like you and wanna work with you.

  • INTERACT WITH OTHER on whatever social media platform you are  on give your opinion the more you comment, , join group discussion,do twitter chats , support other people work  and all that good will come back to you people will soon know you by name and start following and liking your stuff.
  • DO CHALLENGES / COMPETITION / COLLABORATION  this is a way to to interact with people who do the same thing as you who all also on the same level as you and will easily become some of you biggest  supporters


  • USE PICTURES  your post will get way more tweets, likes and shares  if there is an image attached. A little tip i learn from a podcast was use a different image for each social media site you send the post  to  if  a follower is following you on all your social media platforms if they see a different image they more likely to click  it than if they see one image over and over from the same person. some great online picture editing sites are  picmonkey and canva very popular with youtubers and blogs alike.


  • TWEETING USE #RT #you #twitter #Retweet #please ,@ mention someone in your post.
  • SHORTEN YOUR URL use tinyurl  or use clicktotweet twitter application.this cuts down on having overly long post and unsightly url links.


  • OFFER SOMETHING FOR FREE write a informative PDF about your content, partner with someone in your field and do a big giveaway it cuts the cost of doing it alone any everyone benefits.

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